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Is Burlington a Top Place to Retire? Good Times Magazine Thinks So

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An article by Wendy Haaf, recently published online at — Canada’s magazine for successful retirement, says Burlington, Ont., is Canada’s top retirement destination.

Here is a small excerpt from the article, but for the full piece Canada’s Top Retirement Destinations: Burlington, ON (and I highly recommend the read), please click the link.

Canada’s Top Retirement Destinations: Burlington, ON

June 24, 2019

As pleasing as Burlington is to the eye, the city offers lots of opportunities for retirees to learn and grow

By Wendy Haaf

When Liz and Bob Judge began visiting communities in southern Ontario in search of a new home closer to family in Toronto, they had a list of what they were looking for, topped by downtown living, walkability, and access to health care, public transportation, and an airport. On the way home to Montreal during one reconnaissance mission, they stopped in Burlington, off of Lake Ontario just north of Hamilton. The city made a “really great impression,” Liz says. Further investigation didn’t just confirm that first impression, it revealed a host of other appealing qualities, and five years after moving there, the Judges couldn’t be more pleased.

As pleasing as Burlington is to the eye, with its waterfront park and the Niagara Escarpment (a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve) nearby, this city of 183,000 has a great deal to offer…. READ MORE.


We’ve always known Burlington to be a great city to not only retire in, but for all ages and new and established families — our sense of community is strong, and our mix of amenities and rural and urban, and not to mention our beautiful views of Lake Ontario, certainly make us distinctive. But it’s always nice for others outside our borders to recognize just how special our city is and recommend it to others.

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8 thoughts on “Is Burlington a Top Place to Retire? Good Times Magazine Thinks So”

  1. Wondering if anyone is concerned about the congestion on the roads… the noise… the dangerous driving ?!?

    I have been concerned about this Intensification Mandate since the get-go… We are filling the city with more and more people, but the roads are not expandable… gridlock is the result,,, we are seeing the traffic increase exponentially… I am very concerned…

    What I am seeing more and more is driver frustration… and it will only get worse… people are so stressed out… example… not stopping for a red light is being risked more often as people try to get to where they want to go… I see this and tail-gating, speeding, lack of respect for other drivers… it all leads to unpleasant and dangerous commutes…

    Another thing I have noticed, in the past few months, is the number of LOUD cars on the road… it is beginning to become an epidemic…

    What are the Noise By-Laws for Burlington ?!?!?

    Went to get gas on Plains Road about a week ago and, in the space of 5 minutes, witnessed 3 separate incidents of vehicles going WAY OVER the limit and driving dangerously… I don’t think Burlington has the resources to police this…

    As I said… Burlington has lost a lot of its attraction… and it is a real shame…

  2. I have lived in Burlington for almost 30 years and now that I am retired, it hasn’t changed my view that it is a great place to live. The only problem is the ongoing increases in property taxes may mean I will have to sell my home and move away. It will be a sad day!

  3. Karen Fitzpatrick

    This IS NOT a GREAT PLACE TO RETIRE if you are low income SENIOR!!! If you have Money you can live anywhere at prices of $3000.00 a month or MORE. They say you are only suppose to pay 33% of income on housing most Low income Seniors are paying 50% and more. They have to decide if it is Food or meds. The wait for GEARED TO INCOME HOUSING CAN BE 3-5 YEARS… What would you do?

  4. Marnie Mellish

    I looked at the other cities across Canada mentioned further down in the article. Being a Maritimer, I could return to Charlottetown, Moncton, Peterborough but I do like living in Burlington. I do wish for better Transit though and I would also like to see some affordable apartments for seniors – whole senior only apartment buildings. Paying for a retirement home is out of the financial question and I don’t want to live in long term care.

  5. I used to think Burlington was a great place… quiet town… low stress…
    … but… it has changed… it has lost a lot of its attraction… and it is a real shame…

  6. This article indicates that it “is a successful place to retire” not an affordable place to retire. We have to stop posting articles by freelance journalists that ask 2 people for their take on living in Burlington. Don’t get me wrong Burlington is a great place to live, however we lack a good public transit system, affordable, or better yet subsidized and low income housing, sufficient parking and development happening the right areas of the City.

    1. . Yes a great place to retire but what happened to a great place to raise a family. Getting too expensive to do that in Burlington.

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