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Province requesting input from Burlington residents, businesses on Regional Government Review

Burlington City Hall.

Media Release from the City of Burlington

Burlington, Ont. – March 13, 2019 — The Province on Ontario is asking Burlington residents and businesses to provide their input on how to improve governance, decision-making and service delivery for regional governments and the municipalities that are members of regional governments. Burlington is a local municipality within the regional government of Halton.

The public consultation is part of a review of regional governments announced by the Province of Ontario on Jan. 15, 2019. The review, led by two appointed Special Advisors, Michael Fenn and Ken Seiling, is focused on ensuring regional governments are working efficiently and effectively. Once the review is completed, the Special Advisors will provide recommendations to improve governance, decision-making and service delivery.

Online Consultation
The public is invited to share their views on the regional government system in two ways:

All feedback is due by April 23, 2019.

Quick Facts

  • The regional review is examining Ontario’s eight regional governments (Durham, Halton, Muskoka District, Niagara, Oxford County, Peel, Waterloo, York), Simcoe County and their lower-tier municipalities. In total, 82 municipalities are included in the review.

Links and Resources

Learn more about the Provincial regional review

Participate in the regional review at

For more information about the regional review and submission guidelines, visit



The City of Burlington is always happy to look for efficiencies within our government system but amalgamating our municipalities into a City of Halton is a non-starter. Burlington is already an efficient council: the smallest of Halton Region at seven members, and the smallest of any Ontario municipality of our size. The Region is also efficient and effective; we enjoy being the safest region in Canada, a Triple A credit rating, high satisfaction on our services, and tax increases at or below the rate of inflation, with a number of years of no increases. Similar to the one passed at Regional Council, Burlington City Council passed a resolution – unanimously – to protect Burlington’s identity and two-tiered municipal government system. With Council being unanimous once again in its stance and passing of this resolution, it sends a strong message as to where Burlington is on this matter. 

6 thoughts on “Province requesting input from Burlington residents, businesses on Regional Government Review”

  1. Thank you for heads up.
    My wife and I submitted our opinions. Not sure how much attention will be paid to them.
    We need the local engagement that the municipal tier of govt provides. We also need the overarching governance the provincial level provides.

    Are there duplications/overlaps of Muni and Prov responsibilities at the Regional Level?

    Might we upload some major responsibilities (health/education/policing etc) to the province who already have overarching responsibility for them, download local issues (LandUse /Transportation /Roads etc) to municipalities where most of the responsibility already lies. Return authority and responsibility to the local level where it belongs.

    This would eliminate the regions (Sorry Gary Carr) but acheive savings. Rather than amalgamation of municipalities which the present prov gov would probably prefer.

    Amalgamation would reduce resident involvement and local community representation and eliminate the region anyway.

    Either way the future does not look hopeful for the regions .(Sorry again Gary).

  2. Norman Johnston

    While establishing a macro Halton municipality may not be the ideal answer, why not consider consolidating some of the Region’s common services viz; the delivery of electricity ( one CEO,CFO and other management positions vs four separate positions which is now the case ), the combination of the Region’s Fire services( like existing Police consolidation) could also be considered ( do we need four separate Fire and Duty Fire Chiefs when perhaps one would suffice ?). Also perhaps some of the current staff functional departments now operating withthe Region ( four municipalities plus the Region ) ( HR as an example) could be staffed to serve all constituencies.
    Some thoughts to ponder for the more efficient delivery of services at reduced cost.


    1. Question for Mr. John Bkila. Are all comments circulated to the members of the City of Burlington Council ?
      Thank you !

      1. Hi Norman, is your question regarding comments made on the Mayor’s blog? If so, typically they are not. However, members of Council do follow each other’s social feeds, including blogs and newsletters, and can see comments made from the public.

        Please also note, while my name appears at the top of some of the postings (as I an administrator of the Mayor’s blog), everything that is published is from Mayor Meed Ward and in her voice (unless it is a copy-and-paste from a media release or other source, in which we identify that is the case in the post — but still included is the Mayor’s My Take). Thank you.

        1. Thanks John for your prompt response to my query. I thought that it would be appropriate for Council Members
          to automatically receive/view the comments and concerns of some of the City’s citizens/taxpayers.
          Many thanks for the opportunity to view the Mayor’s Blog and the ability to communicate my thoughts.

  3. Thank you for the info. I will be sending a written submission with my views asap. Amalgamating is not an option as far as a I am concerned

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