Comment by June 4: Improvements made to Aldershot GO mobility hub, but more needed to protect established neighbourhoods, prevent overintensification

Staff recently presented revised plans for the Aldershot GO mobility hub at a series of open houses. Changes include elimination of mid-rise up to 11 storys from Queen Mary (light yellow area), and reducing heights on Clearview from 19+ storeys to 11 (golden yellow area). In addition, heights have been increased up to 30 storeys for the Aldershot Go Central precinct area (dark purple area) at Waterdown and Masonry Court (Northwest corner is King Paving). Feedback can be provided to staff up to June 4 at Council is expected to discuss the three hubs at a workshop in July, with approval of the plans in early 2019. The new Official Plan will be amended to incorporate these plans. To learn more about the mobility hubs visit: Aldershot Go Mobility Hub

My Take: The changes are an improvement but still represent inappropriate development in a single family neighbourhood. The 11 storey permission should be removed from Clearview to retain the low density plan for this established neighbourhood. The principle of protecting established neighbourhoods near mobility hubs from intensification is already happening with White Oaks, St. Matthews, Queen Mary, and Glenwood School Drive around the Burlington GO hub. Clearview deserves the same protection. The 30 storey height is excessive and may create sunshadowing on the Clearview and adjacent community, as well as significant traffic onto Waterdown/Plains.

Written by Marianne Meed Ward

A Better Burlington began in 2006 after my neighbours said they felt left out of city decisions, learning about them only after they’d been made.

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  1. Perhaps the city should stop trying to cram more people into aldershot before they do something about the insane amount of traffic along Fairview/Plains road and the complete lack of functioning, synchronized traffic lights

  2. No way should we have 11 storey buildings in Clearview and Queen Mary area. already established single homes should not be taken away. can see small starter homes, semi-detached and freehold townhouses with garages and driveways but nothing more.

  3. I think we have too many apartments and not enough small single family homes for families with children. And right next to a railway track is absurd.

  4. Can we just stop with this “mobility hub” BS As long as we live in this city, especially South of the CDL, nothing will ever change.

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