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Mayor’s Mailbag – January 2022 Roundup – Parks’ Upgrades, Windrows When Snow Clearing

Mayor Marianne Meed Ward Mailbag

Welcome to the Mayor’s Mailbag – January 2022 roundup.

The Mayor’s Monday Mailbag is a weekly initiative Burlington Mayor Marianne Meed Ward and the Mayor’s Office has launched to share answers to questions from the public we’ve received through our main email inbox at or the Mayor’s social media platforms.

At the end of the month, we publish a roundup of those most pressing questions we’ve received in the weeks prior.

Mayor’s Mailbag – January 2022 Roundup



“Can you provide details on which 29 City of Burlington parks are getting upgrades, renewal or design work this year?”


The 2022 budget provides for park improvements for 29 parks, with renewal and upgrades for 12 parks in 2022, and design work on another 17 parks this year, for planned upgrades in 2023.

Several of you have asked for the detailed list of park renewal, upgrades and design, which can be found in the city’s 2022 Budget Book in the “Healthy and Greener City” tab starting on “Park Development/Park Renewal” (pages 328-377) with additional detail in amendments that were brought on the floor of council.

The complete list is also below, with page numbers in brackets.

Renewal & Upgrades in 2022:

  1. NEW: Tansley Woods Park – Water Play Feature (p329): Construction on a new water play feature/splash pad.
  2. NEW: Central Park – Accessible Swing (p336): In 2022, inclusion of a new fully accessible swing as part of the playground facility.
  3. Ireland Park Community Gardens (p338): 2022 includes the community garden renewal and improvements to irrigation mainline; 2023 includes replacement of irrigation/drainage system, lighting for tennis and additional design work for future improvements.
  4. Kinsmen Park – Ball Diamond/Soccer (p339): 2022 work includes the replacement of baseball diamond and soccer posts.
  5. Leighland Park – Ball Diamond/Soccer/Tennis (p340): 2022 works includes the replacement of ball diamond (D2), pathways, tennis court, basketball court, new water service and drainage improvements.
  6. Longmoor Park – Playground (p341): 2022 work includes the replacement of playgrounds, swings, pathway and site furnishings.
  7. Port Nelson Parkette (p345): 2022 work includes replacement of playground, recreational trails and site furniture. Park construction will be scheduled following completion of the shoreline improvement work.
  8. Queensway Park (p345): 2022 work includes the renewal of playground, swing, site furnishings, multi-use court and recreational trail.
  9. Taywood Park (p348):  2022 work is for the renewal of playground, swings, site furnishings and pathway renewal.
  10. Tuck Park (p349): replacement of playground area
  11. NEW: Mohawk Park Path: Approve funding of $60,000 from the infrastructure renewal fund to pave the gravel path at Mohawk Park. Motion from Ward 5 Councillor Paul Sharman. See Council minutes, Dec. 14, 2021
  12. NEW: Leash Free Park in Ward 2: Redirect $100,000 from capital project PO-PR-1695 (Queensway Park – Item #9 above) to construct a leash-free park in Ward 2 in 2022; and Direct the Director of Recreation, Community and Culture to investigate options for a leash-free park location in Ward 2 with options to include, but not limited to, Central Park (0.15ha), Lion’s Park (0.3ha) and Hydro One Corridor (0.7ha). (SD-38-21) Motion from Ward 2 Councillor Lisa Kearns. See Council minutes, Dec. 14, 2021

Design work in 2022 for upgrades in 2023:

  1. Beachway Master Plan (p328): The Region of Halton is the lead for the Burlington Beach Regional Waterfront Park Master Plan, however the city has allocated funding in 2022 for city staff project management costs related to detailed studies, design and approvals, for phased construction of work scheduled between 2023 -2031.
  2. City View Park – Sportsfield Development (p329): 2022/2023 includes funding for design and approval work for the baseball diamonds phase scheduled for construction in 2024.
  3. Windows to the Lake (p330): Provides funding for design and construction work related to both shoreline and parks improvement for future Windows to the Lake properties at Green St, Walkers Line and Appleby Place.
    1. Green Street: 2022, Shoreline Construction; 2023, Park Construction
    2. Walkers Line: 2022, Design & Approvals; 2023, Park Construction
    3. Appleby Place: 2022, Design & Approvals; 2023, Park & Shoreline Construction
  4. General Brock Surplus School Land Park Construction (p331): Public engagement to establish a park name and develop a park plan through prior approved funding, and detailed design in 2022, for construction and/or renewal of park amenities in 2023.
  5. Leash Free Parks (p331): Public consultation has occurred (Report PR-12-19), for construction in 2023.
  6. Bridgeview Park (p335): Design work in 2022, and in 2023 removal of backstop, plus recreational trail, lighting, site furniture and replacement of playground.
  7. Cavendish Park (p336): design work in 2022, reconstruction of the ball diamond in 2023.
  8. Emerson Park (p337): design work in 2022; in 2023 renewal of the playground, swing, site furnishings, and recreational trail.
  9. Fairchild Parkette (p337): design work in 2022; in 2023 renewal of the playground, swing, site furnishings, and recreational trail.
  10. Lampman Park (p339): design work in 2022; 2023 work includes renewal of playground, swing, site furnishings, soccer goal posts, recreational trail, repairs multi-use court.
  11. Lansdown Park (p340): Funding set aside for engineering services in 2022, for 2023 work which includes decommission ball diamond, new shade structure by the playground, upgraded soccer to a full size soccer field, irrigation system, parking, pathways and new splash pad.
  12. Maple Park (p341): 2022 design work for 2023 work which includes replacement of sport lighting system for soccer facility (F1) and irrigation improvements.
  13. Millcroft Park (P342) 2022 design work for 2023 work which includes replacement of smaller playground in the south area of the park.
  14. Spencer Smith Park (p346-7): design work in 2022, in 2023 to replace the artificial turf surface and drainage layer and concrete repairs in/around splash pad area and significant renewal of various zones of park irrigation system. Also in 2022, condition inspections on the Brant Street Pier & Waterfront Promenade.
  15. Tansley Woods Park (P348): Design work in 2022, 2023 & 2024 for renewal of lit pathway behind community centre.
  16. Tyandaga Gold Club – Repair & Renewal (p349): 2022 and 2023 includes the preparation of a coordinated renewal schedule, detailed design and first phase of the construction. Funding is intended to stabilize, replace or make improvements to existing outdoor assets, and maintain a safe environment for patrons using Tyandaga Golf Course facilities. Green initiatives are considered when components are renewed/replaced.
  17. Tecumseh Park (p355): Design work in 2022 for work in 2023 including replacement of the ball diamond and pathways.

In addition to the above, there are plans for more parks-related initiatives in 2022 and 2023. More details available in this post: Your 2022 Budget at Work: Upgrades, renewal & design work coming to 29 parks.

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“Why do snowplows leave such a big wall of snow at the end of my driveway — can’t this be avoided? Why did only one direction of my street get plowed?”


We checked in with our Winter Maintenance team at the City of Burlington to help answer these questions — who have been doing a fantastic job in clearing our streets and sidewalks of the nearly 50 cm of snow that fell in a single snow event. We thank them for their tireless efforts!

Plow operators do not intentionally block driveways; as the plow moves, it deposits snow to one side, and accumulation of snow all along the side of the road and along driveway entrances is unfortunately unavoidable.

When a street gets plowed, the operator tries to plow as much of the roadway platform as possible. Unfortunately, obstructions, such as parked cars, can get in the way of the City’s cleanup operations and can prevent sections or even entire streets from being plowed.

When clearing their driveways, residents should try to pile the snow on the right side (if you’re standing on your driveway and looking towards the street). This can help reduce the amount of snow that is pushed onto your driveway when a plow passes. Plows are not able to lift or angle their blade to avoid the snow from piling onto driveway entrances, as this would result in snow being deposited on the road — and that ends up being hazardous for vehicles and pedestrians.

The City of Burlington does not clear windrows or driveways, but it does offer a Windrow Snow Clearing Program that residents can apply for. The windrow clearing program is offered to residents who are not physically able to clear their own windrow(s). Burlington residents who meet the criteria, may apply to get assistance with removing their windrow for the next winter season, as the program registration for this season is now closed.

More information about the program is available here: Windrow Snow Clearing Program.

Windrow clearing contractors are dispatched to program participants’ homes after the completion of all roadway plowing. Residents can expect windrows to be cleared within 36 hours after the snow stops and within 12 hours of the completion of all road plowing. Please note, this service does not include windrows left by sidewalk plows.

Plowing services run from Nov. 15, 2021 until March 31, 2022 for this season.


*Posted by John Bkila, Mayor’s Media and Digital Communications Specialist

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