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Halton Region Asks Federal Election Candidates to Share Their Position on Important Issues

Region of Halton stock photo.
Region of Halton stock photo.

Please see below a media release issued by the Region of Halton.

On Sept. 12, Halton Region sent a questionnaire to all Federal election candidates running in its local ridings, asking them to share their positions on five key issues. To help the community make an informed decision on Oct. 21, the Region will post responses on as it receives them.

“The topics we outlined in our questionnaire are issues of importance for Regional Council and those living in Halton. Halton advocates to the Federal government for legislative and funding changes to help preserve the high quality of life in our region. By sharing their responses with us, local Federal election candidates will help the community learn how their platforms align with resident priorities for our future.” — Halton Regional Chair Gary Carr

The Region’s questionnaire asked Federal election candidates in the ridings of Burlington, Milton, Oakville, Oakville North-Burlington and Wellington-Halton Hills about the following issues:

  • investing in roads and infrastructure;
  • confirming Regional and Provincial regulatory roles in the proposed CN truck-rail hub;
  • addressing climate change and supporting community resilience;
  • delivering universal access to broadband internet; and
  • supporting safe, affordable and accessible government-assisted housing.

The questionnaire also asked if the candidates would vote against their party if necessary to reflect the best interests of Halton residents. To learn more about each issue and view candidate responses as they become available, please visit the Federal election page on

For information about the Federal election, such as riding details and voting locations, please visit


Ahead of Federal Election Day on Oct. 21, I have been and in the process of meeting all the federal election candidates from political parties that hold seats and running in the Burlington, Oakville North-Burlington and Milton ridings (part of the Milton riding is in rural Burlington) to speak to them about and ensure they are aware of the issues that are specific to our City – as well, to hear their positions on our local issues.


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6 thoughts on “Halton Region Asks Federal Election Candidates to Share Their Position on Important Issues”

    1. Hi Dorothy,
      This is John Bkila, the Mayor’s Media and Digital Specialist. I’m not sure which Council you are referring to (either Regional or City), but in any case, Mayor Meed Ward does not endorse any candidate or political party, but she has been meeting with as many of the local candidates running in the three ridings that cover the City of Burlington (Burlington, Oakville North-Burlington and Milton) as she can to advance Burlington’s interests, ensure the candidates are aware of the top concerns, feedback and ideas that she has heard from constituents since becoming Mayor. As well, she has been reflecting to the candidates the priorities of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM), some of which include predictable infrastructure funding, affordable housing help, building better public transit and protecting Canadians from climate change. FCM is also reviewing all platforms of each party to determine how they align with its advocacy requests. (Click this linkfor more details

      Mayor Meed Ward does encourage all residents to engage in the electoral process and put their support behind the candidate who best reflects their own values and priorities — as well, to take the time to understand the platforms of each candidate and vote for the one who will work on the issues and initiatives that matter to you.

      Thank you for commenting on the Mayor’s website.

  1. Voting is a very personal matter. It does no good to go after any party or candidate. It is up to citizens to do their due diligence and decide which party fits their needs. Citizens have to live with their decision. I would prefer that my Municipal Council stays out of the fray.

  2. Perhaps we should ask our Liberal candidates why their so-called leader ducks out of leadership debates. Let him answer questions instead of ducking out & leaving it up to his candidates to make further excuses for him!

    1. If we are going to get all partisan here perhaps we should ask our conservative candidates why their so called leader ducks questions on LGBTQ++ issues and women’s reproductive rights. But I’d prefer to ask questions on what they will do for Burlington, regardless of their party. I liked Mayor’s one about voting against party line if it served local interest better.

    2. and address things like Creston, Veterans, SNC, Carbon tax, JWR, Philpott, Norman, Atwal, Boyle, Khadr, McClintick, Khan, 68 returned Syrian fighters, failed pipelines east and west, M103, gun bans, tanker bans, plastic bans, calling Japan, China X2, Fed payroll failure, CMHC stress test, used Jets, No Navy ships, failed trade deals with India, China, UK, US, AUS… massive debt, etc., etc.

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