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Statutory Public Meeting for 2069-2079 Lakeshore Road and 383-385 Pearl Street Development Application at Burlington City Hall June 11


There is a Statutory Public Meeting for a development application at 2069-2079 Lakeshore Road and 383-385 Pearl Street on Tuesday, June 11 at Burlington City Hall.

The applicant, Lakeshore (Burlington) Inc./Carriage Gate Homes, is applying to build a 29 storey mixed-use building with 280 residential units with 675 m² ground floor commercial retail space fronting onto Lakeshore Road and Pearl Street. Parking for the proposed building is located within five levels of underground (280 spaces) and at grade parking (11 spaces). Car access is proposed from Lakeshore Road and loading access is proposed from Pearl Street.

The property is currently zoned to  allow retail/service commercial, office, community, hospitality, entertainment and residential uses. According to the City’s Official Plan, the property permits a mixed-use building.

For full details about the proposal click the link 2069 to 2079 Lakeshore Rd + 383 to 385 Pearl StStatPubMtgNot3, or visit

Staff will be presenting an information report only at the meeting, with a recommendation report to follow at a later date. The information report is available here PB-22-19 2069 Lakeshore Road Carriage Gate – OPA, RZ Statutory Public Meeting.

The meeting starts at 6:30 p.m. in Council Chambers, on the second floor at Burlington City Hall, 426 Brant St.

Since this is a statutory public meeting, you do not have to register in advance to speak, but if you wish to do so, you can register online at or contact Jo-Anne Rudy, Committee Clerk at 905-335-7600, ext. 7413 or Speakers are limited to a maximum of 10 minutes each and are webcasted online.

Also, if you have presentation materials, they must be submitted to the committee clerk by noon the day before the meeting so that they can be distributed and reviewed by all members of the Committee. Please note the content of all submissions is considered to be public and will be posted to the city’s website.


I have received some feedback from residents confused about our Interim Control Bylaw (ICBL) and what it does. The ICBL freezes development for one year. It was passed March 5. This particular development application was filed prior to that. This is an application only. There have been no approvals by anyone. Under the ICBL, developers can make applications, and they will go as far as a public meeting, which in this case will occur June 11, but not further. This will not proceed to any decision by council while the ICBL is in effect.

To recap, under the ICBL, we have frozen development for one year. That means there will be no applications approved by council until we do our review — looking at the downtown policy and evaluating any existing or new applications in that light. Developers can apply for any project at any time — the law gives them that right. However, for a full year, there will be no approvals. So, it will wait for one year. And more importantly, their project will be assessed and decided upon in light of any new policies we create during our ICBL study.

I have and remain consistent in my view that a proliferation of high rises is unacceptable downtown — we have frozen approvals for one year, and I will not vote for any project that represents over-development. That’s been my track record for 8 years and continues to be my track record.

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7 thoughts on “Statutory Public Meeting for 2069-2079 Lakeshore Road and 383-385 Pearl Street Development Application at Burlington City Hall June 11”

  1. I do NOT want a wall of high rises close to the lake. There is already too many high rises blocking the lake now.

  2. Michael Schuler

    I am opposed to 29 floors at that location. Even if a re-development of some magnitude does go ahead, the City should implement certain conditions. Example, no interference with or reduction of existing street parking which is already in tight supply. No closing of Lakeshore or Pearl lanes to accommodate construction. Let the contractor use its own site for access. Also, any turn off from Lakeshore into the building should have its own “ramp” so as not to create a back up on an already overloaded road.
    I am at 360 Pearl Street and I am still bewildered by the City approving a hi-rise condo with no visitor parking.

    1. Karolina Polak

      Placing the access off of Lakeshore in and out of the building would be disastrous. The traffic is already terrible. 29 stories at this location is simply insane and sounds like a bid to make as much money as possible while disregarding all planning logic.

    2. Sheila O"Brien

      Sorry I missed the meeting but NO! I voted for Marianne to stop the insanity on our pat of the lake.

    1. Hi Ian, This is John Bkila, the Mayor’s Media Specialist. Yes, that most definitely was a typo/incorrect information, which has since been corrected. Thank you for bringing that to our attention and for commenting on the Mayor’s website.

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