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Donation Total: $30.00

Campaign Donation Requirements

  • donations can only be accepted from individuals living in Ontario; we cannot accept donations from corporations, unions, groups/associations, federal or provincial parties, riding associations or registered provincial or federal candidates
  • the maximum contribution per person per campaign is $1,200
  • donations under $100 don’t require recording the individual’s name in public documents
  • donations under $25 can be made in cash
  • municipal council donations are not eligible for tax credits or deductions
  • you can contribute to more than one candidate in the same jurisdiction so long as the total contributions to all candidates don’t exceed $5000

Contribute to Marianne’s Campaign for Mayor

We can’t bring needed change on city council without you. Please consider a donation to our Marianne for Mayor campaign.

Campaigns cost money and the other candidates will be well funded by deep pockets and private interests. Help us level the playing field, so we can restore Burlington as Everyone’s City.

You can make an online contribution by credit card or PayPal.

You can also pay by cheque payable to “Marianne for Mayor Campaign.” We’d be happy to pick it up or you can drop it in the mail to:

Marianne for Mayor Campaign, c/o 497 Martha St., Burlington, ON, L7R 2R1

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