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Committee Recommendations Approved at Jan. 19 Burlington Council Meeting

Meme courtesy of Burlington Food Bank.
Meme courtesy of Burlington Food Bank.

At the Jan. 19 Burlington Council meeting, numerous recommendations were approved from the January cycle of committee meetings. Below are some of the highlights split up by committee.

Click this link to go through the full post-meeting minutes for all recommendations that were approved at the Jan. 19 Regular Council meeting: Post-Meeting Minutes – Regular Meeting of Council_Jan19_2021; and the Jan. 11 Special Meeting of Council: Post-Meeting Minutes – Special Meeting of Council_Jan11_2021.

There are also separate posts for Council approving:

Minutes from the Corporate Services, Strategy, Risk and Accountability (CSSRA) Committee, Environment, Infrastructure and Community Services (EICS) Committee, and Community Planning, Regulation & Mobility (CPRM) Committee meetings can be found under the “Related Links” header at the end of this post.



• COVID-19 UPDATE / DIGITAL MAIN STREET PROGRAM RESOLUTION — Burlington Economic Development Memo.

Click the link for the full Burlington Ec Dev Resolution: CSSRA-01-21 Digital Main Street funding resolution

Carried unanimously by Council.


The Digital Main Street Program is a really important grant and a lifeline for a lot of businesses, especially now even more for those needing to go digital to ride out the lockdowns/shutdowns we continue to experience in Ontario. Thank you to all who worked to get this done and through.



• UPDATE ON SKYWAY COMMUNITY CENTRE — Environment, Infrastructure and Community Service Department Report


Receive and file environment, infrastructure and community services report EICS-02-21 regarding an update on the Skyway Community Centre project; and

Direct the Executive Director of Environment, Infrastructure and Community Services and the Chief Financial Officer to report back to Council in Q3 of 2021 on funding options for the Skyway Community Centre project (SD-01-21); and

Direct the Mayor and City Manager to continue to pursue, and advocate for funding from the Federal and Provincial levels of Government.

Carried unanimously by Council.


I’m completely supportive of this project and expansion — all the things we’ve worked so hard on. We will passionately pursue upper government level funding. It would be extremely helpful if our provincial and federal partners assist us in this project. We absolutely need more community facilities in and around Bateman and Skyway, it’s not either or. We have an overall community deficit — those sites and facilities are completely different and both are valued community spaces. Our community is growing and we need to keep up.




Approve the Cootes to Escarpment EcoPark System Lower Grindstone Heritage Lands Management Plan, December 2019 prepared by North South Environmental Inc., attached as Appendix A to engineering services department report ES-02-01, as the guiding document regarding future management actions for these lands.

Carried unanimously by Council.


This is really good news and a lot of work by a lot of partners — that’s how we do things in Burlington. Protecting 2,200 acres of land is incredible significant in an highly urbanized area. This protection is all the more important with the development happening around us. This green space is why my family and I moved to Burlington. It’s magnificent for our residents to be able to access the wonderful greenspace.



• MOTIONS REGARDING USE OF TENTS BY RESTAURANTS & BARS IN BURLINGTON — Memo from Ward 5 Counc. Paul Sharman and Ward 2 Counc. Lisa Kearns.


Direct the Director of Community Planning to bring a temporary use by-law forward that modifies the Zoning By-law to accommodate winter tents for outdoor patios and report back in February or sooner, as possible. (SD-03-21); and

That Council strengthen its commitment to locally operated businesses and approve funding in the form of grants, by increasing the amount from $5,000 to a total of $10,000, to be applied to building applications for such tents and alternative solutions relating to installation of tents from small businesses to facilitate the conducting of business.

Carried unanimously by Council.


Burlington Council and City staff are committed to doing everything that is within our power and jurisdiction to assist our local small businesses to weather this pandemic and make it to the other side COVID-19. Increasing the amount of funding grants available to businesses seeking tents to help expand the number of customers they can serve when the province is no longer shutdown and Halton is out of lockdown, can be a lifeline for some of our local restaurants.


• SITE PLAN APPLICATION AT 2242, 2269 FAIRVIEW STREET & 864 DRURY LANE — Community Planning Department Information Report.


Receive and file community planning department report PL-05-21 regarding a site plan application for 2243, 2269 Fairview Street and 864 Drury Lane.

Carried unanimously by Council.


Because of the citywide significance of this and the scale of it, I want residents to know where we are at. This project does not require Council approval because it complies with previous zoning. I’m sure our staff will work with the applicant to ensure the new OP and zoning will be kept in mind wherever possible in the site plan. Our vision for this as captured in our new plan is a maximum of 16 stories here. That’s important to note. Once the site plan comes back to Council, because it’s undelegated, there will be an opportunity for the public to provide feedback on those matters.


*Posted by John Bkila, Mayor’s Media and Digital Communications Specialist

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