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Burlington’s EICS Committee Approves of Elgin Promenade Phase 4 Designs, Heads to Council Vote May 25

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UPDATE: Council unanimously approved going ahead with Promenade Phase 4 Design

At our Environment, Infrastructure & Community Services (EICS) Committee meeting on May 12, staff presented to us an overview of the Elgin Promenade project.

The staff report (CW-02-20 Elgin Promenade Phase 4 Design) and presentation (CW 02-20 staff presentation – Elgin Promenade Phase 4) included the proposed conceptual design of Phase 4 and associated transportation-related aspects: crosswalk connections along this new multi-use pathway and surface parking within the project’s boundary.


Project Overview

The Elgin Promenade serves as a pedestrian and cycling corridor that extends from Brant Street to Martha Street connecting the downtown core to the Centennial Multi-Use Pathway that extends to Burloak Drive. The design and implementation of this multi-use pathway has been separated out into various phases as listed below:

Phase OneElizabeth Street to Pearl StreetJune 2017 – open for use
Phase TwoJohn Street to Elizabeth StreetJune 2018 – open for use
Phase ThreeBrant Street to John StreetJune 2018 – open for use
Phase FourPearl Street to Martha StreetSpring 2021

To help the City and staff get a sense of the current use of the promenade, a pedestrian counter was installed along it at John Street from Oct. 25, 2019- Dec. 2, 2019. The data showed approximately 346 people per day which is significant number of users, especially in the off-season with less-favourable weather. A second pedestrian counter was also installed for all of 2019 at Martha Street and the Centennial Multi-Use Trail that’s located beside the east end of the Elgin Promenade. The 2019 daily average count for 12 months at this location was 688 people.

The final phase of the Elgin Promenade connects Pearl Street to Martha Street, and staff are recommending the construction of a 4-metre wide pedestrian area that is uninterrupted by cars (except at intersecting streets). The design will include a 3.6 m clear path of travel for safe movement of pedestrian and cyclists adhering to City of Burlington Accessibility Design Standards.

Preliminary design illustrations of Phase 4 are provided in Appendix B of the staff report (linked above). The design and materials used will be consistent with the rest of the walkway, such as lighting, bollards and pavements. Where there is enough space and area clear of utilities, new trees will be planted. Where possible, the design will take all opportunity to expand the use from mobility to incorporate destination areas for resting and outdoor gathering.

The illustrations in Appendix B show approximately 60% design completion.

EICS Committee unanimously approved to carry the staff recommendation to Council for final ratification at the May 25 meeting.

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I’m quite excited to see this project moving forward. It’s been one that’s spanned all three of my terms on Council. What staff has put before us is spectacular — it will create a very welcoming gateway to the downtown, provide that connection we’re looking for and fulfill our commitment to active transportation.

— Mayor Marianne Meed Ward


*Posted by John Bkila, Mayor’s Media and Digital Communications Specialist

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4 thoughts on “Burlington’s EICS Committee Approves of Elgin Promenade Phase 4 Designs, Heads to Council Vote May 25”

  1. What is the cost of completing Phase 4? As lovely as this may be, perhaps it should be delayed due to the current losses being incurred by the City due to the pandemic. Until the full costs of the Covid 19 expenditures, business loss/closures, residential tax losses and City revenue losses are known, any non-essential Projects should be considered for a delay for the moment. Burlington property taxes are going to increase next year due to Covid; perhaps we should review that increase prior to committing to spending as usual.

  2. Great it is being done. Is there anyway different benches can be used. Benches on rest of promenade are not conducive to siting on. Backs are terrible and very uncomfortable.

  3. I can’t wait… I love what the City has done so far. This has enhanced the downtown ambiance. Thank you.

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