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Burlington Council Approves 2018-2022 Plan: From Vision to Focus Prioritizing Key Strategic Directions for City


Last night, Burlington City Council approved the 2018-2022 Plan: From Vision to Focus — the City’s work plan that prioritizes key strategic direction from Burlington’s long-term 25-year Strategic Plan. It details key goals and actions required to move priorities forward during this term of Council.

A series of joint workshops and engagements were held with your 2018-2022 Burlington Council and the Burlington Leadership Team to reconfirm the specific focus areas and define goals and actions required to execute on the plan.

“The commitment from the Burlington Leadership Team and Burlington Council to work towards common objectives in partnership with our community is at the root of this important four-year plan. The City has clear focus areas and key actions we need to achieve. Our capable staff continue to work hard to move our strategic priorities forward so that our city sees the benefits and residents feel the positive impacts to their quality of life. Staff is committed to letting Council and our community know how this work is progressing and how we have moved the needle for Burlington.” — Mary Lou Tanner, Deputy City Manager.

City resources will be dedicated to ensure progress is made in the five identified focus areas, including:

  • Focus Area 1 – Increasing Economic Prosperity and Community Responsive Growth Management (updated based on Council approval on July 15, 2019);
  • Focus Area 2 – Improving Integrated City Mobility;
  • Focus Area 3 – Supporting Sustainable Infrastructure and a Resilient Environment;
  • Focus Area 4 – Building More Citizen Engagement, Community Health and Culture; and
  • Focus Area 5 – Delivering Customer Centric Services with a Focus on Efficiency and Technology Transformation.

This plan is a living document. Other updates to this document are in progress and an updated version will be available September 2019.  Of note, some initiatives identified in this plan may go beyond the four-year term and will be carried over into future years for continued implementation.

The 2018 to 2022 Plan: From Vision to Focus will be monitored and reported to Burlington Council on a regular basis with progress being evaluated and reviewed. There may be changes along the way, such as: global, regional, and city circumstances changing, events occurring, and other levels of government influencing further updates to the plan document.

Updates to let Burlington residents know achievements and progress on the plan will be shared as well to show steps to move towards our long-term vision for the City of Burlington.


This work plan lays out what we want to focus on as a City and Council in the next four years to get us to where we want to be by 2040 (our vision). This is a living document that will be recalibrated year over year — we want to get the wheels in motion to make it easy to fulfill the matters that are top of mind among our residents: the tree canopy, green space, and growth and development. I believe there is an appetite for visionary aspirations among staff at the City of Burlington, and I can tell you the community is already there — they are ready for this. I’m proud of this plan and want to thank and congratulate staff on all the great work they have put together in it.


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3 thoughts on “Burlington Council Approves 2018-2022 Plan: From Vision to Focus Prioritizing Key Strategic Directions for City”

  1. It’s been perhaps 5 or more year since Lakeshore Road was reduced to a single lane running across lower Brant St intersection. It was to be a temporary experiment that’s now seeming permanent.

    The impact has been a exercise in unremitting frustration – traffic at a snails pace, car fumes emanating into private homes and gardens, the noise from slow moving or purposely altered supercharged motorbikes – blaring music for all residents being subjected too.

    Lakeshore residents have seen backups to Appleby Line, more often starting at Walkers line – All those residents having their quality of life diminished until the traffic passes past Joe Brant. What is need is a solution to this issue – the bottleneck is a result of incompetent planning and has been ignored and shoved under the hedgerow.

    The oblivious solution is to open the road again to two way traffic – and add pedestrian barriers at the crosswalks, so people are not crossing the road into traffic. Overhead warning lights to help drives understand the possible dangers of people attempting to cross from one side to another.

    Having so many new buildings underway and the proclamation that Burlington is a great place to live – has and will continue to attract newcomers – They like us, are are to be guaranteed frustration, if this situation is left as is – unresolved. Can we have an answer to this increasing problem!

  2. I would like to know who sits on the Burlington Leadership Team? City Staff, residents or a combination of both.

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