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Burlington City Council Passes Recommendations from Sept. 9 Committee of the Whole Meeting


If you missed our Burlington City Council meeting on Monday, Sept. 23, here are some of the highlights of what we did — for a full recap of all the recommendations carried by Council from the Sept. 9 Committee of the Whole (COW) meeting, please click the links: Post-Meeting Minutes – Committee of the Whole_Sep09_2019 / Post-Meeting Minutes – Regular Meeting of Council_Sep23_2019

• OPEN AIR BURNING PERMIT AREAS — Mayor’s Office report moved by me

Direct the Fire Chief to investigate revising the City of Burlington open air burn permit areas to consider including rural areas south of Dundas Street and report back to Committee of the Whole with options by December 2019. Report: MO-09-19 – Direction re open air burning permissions


This staff direction came as the result of a question brought to me by a resident, so I brought it forward on their behalf. It would be limited geographically and to a size of property — but these are the things we would have to scope out.

• CONSIDERATION FOR FREE TRANSIT FOR STUDENTS — Mayor’s Office report moved by me

Direct the Mayor and Director of Transit to develop a draft report including a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) regarding free transit for Burlington students, outlining the program, costs, revenue impacts, eligibility, and commitments in more detail, in partnership with Halton Region and the four school boards that serve Halton students: Halton District School Board, Halton Catholic District School Board, and the two French school boards, Conseil scolaire Viamonde and Conseil scolaire catholique MonAvenir, and report back to council for a decision.

For more on this item, click a previous post on here Burlington Considering Offering Free Transit for Students.


We’re leading the way with this — the more barriers we remove towards public transit the better it gets and aligns with our environmental goals. I’ve met with the HDSB trustees and will work to set up meetings with the trustees of the remaining Halton English and French school boards to make a similar presentation.

• LASALLE PARK MARINA GOVERNANCE AND OPERATING MODEL — Moved by Ward 1 Councillor Kelvin Galbraith.

Direct the Director of Parks and Recreation to finalize a long-term licence agreement with the LaSalle Park Marina Association for the operation of the Marina at LaSalle Park substantially in accordance with confidential Appendix B based on Council’s approval of the purchase of a new floating wave break (capital works department report CW-31-19) and approval of a preferred operating model for the Marina at LaSalle Park (city manager’s office report CM-17-19); and

Authorize the Mayor and City Clerk to sign the licence agreement with the LaSalle Park Marina Association prepared to the satisfaction of the City Solicitor, Director of Parks and Recreation and Director of Finance for the operation of the Marina at LaSalle Park; and

Direct the Director of Finance to issue refunds from the City held LaSalle Park Marina reserve fund to charter members and undepreciated senior members on a pro-rata basis; and

Direct the Senior Manager of Government Relations and Strategic Communications to develop updated web/other communications outlining and highlighting key elements of the license agreement with the LaSalle Park Marina Association.

Amend the recommendation from the city manager’s report Marina governance and operating model (CM-17-19) by adding the following two paragraphs to the end of the recommendation.

Direct the Director of Parks and Recreation to rename the Lasalle Park Marina as the LaSalle Park Community Marina.

Direct the Director of Parks and Recreation to explore opportunities to enhance community programming at LaSalle Park Community Marina.


For more information on this item from a previous post and for my full MY TAKE, click the link: Burlington Committee Votes to Finalize Agreement with LaSalle Park Marina Association Over Operation of Marina.

• CONSTRUCTION AND MOBILITY MANAGEMENT PLAN — Moved by Ward 4 Councillor Shawna Stolte. Staff report: CW-27-19 Construction and Mobility Management Policy

Approve a Construction and Mobility Policy, which defines the requirements for a Construction and Mobility Management Plan, to regulate construction and mobility impacts on a public road allowance resulting from land development within the City of Burlington; and

Approve the effective date of the Construction and Mobility Management Policy to be the date the policy receives approval at council; and

Direct the Director of Transportation to include the applicable fees in the City’s Rates and Fees By-law to support the Construction and Mobility Policy proposed in capital works department report CW-27-19; and

Refer the comments received from the Burlington Downtown Business Association (BDBA) at the September 9, 2019 Committee of the Whole meeting regarding capital works department report CW-27-19, construction management policy to the Executive Director of Capital Works; and

Direct the Executive Director of Capital Works to meet with the Executive Director of the BDBA and report back to the Committee of the Whole on any proposed amendments to the construction management policy; and

Amend schedule A to appendix A of the proposed construction and mobility management policy by changing the word “may” to “shall” in the 11th and 17th bullet items under section 1.1 Construction Management.


I am delight to see this report come to Council as it is long overdo. I give credit and thanks to Councillor Lisa Kearns and City staff for bringing this forward. This is what mature, good governing cities do. This is a critical piece for our city to move forward; it is about living in harmony and getting along during construction periods.

• OPERATING BUDGET PERFORMANCE REPORT — Moved by Ward 5 Councillor Paul Sharman. Staff report: F-39-19 Operating Budget Performance Report as at June 30th, 2019

Direct the Director of Finance to report back on the city’s retained savings strategy upon confirmation of the 2019 year-end actual.


I’m looking forward to getting streamlined information with regards to our reserve funds so we can always have eyes on how those funds are doing.


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3 thoughts on “Burlington City Council Passes Recommendations from Sept. 9 Committee of the Whole Meeting”

    1. Hi Allan,
      This is John Bkila, the Mayor’s Media and Digital Communications Specialist. This process and discussions are still in early stages – the vote is to approve in principle further evaluation of making transit free to students. We are still waiting on all of Halton’s English and French boards to pass a similar resolution to approve in principle the work towards an official Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on this issue.

      As it stated in the original post (, based on the initial meeting with the school boards there is interest from staff and Burlington trustees at the Halton District School Board, Halton Catholic District School Board, and French-language public school board Conseil Scolaire Viamonde to explore free transit for students.

      The Boards currently buy student bus passes. The City of Burlington would be looking to the boards to continue to provide a similar contribution to help defray some of the city’s costs of providing free transit to students. The funding formula, and any changes over time, would be negotiated. The Boards receive funding from Halton Region for split passes and would be looking to the Region to continue that contribution. Discussions with the Region are continuing as well.

      Thank you for commenting on the Mayor’s website.

  1. While I agree with the general direction of the student transit initiative, calling it “free” is deceptive and incorrect. It’s “complimentary”, someone, specifically tax-payers, are paying for it.

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