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Burlington City Council Passes Recommendations from July 9 Planning and Development Committee Meeting


If you missed our Burlington City Council meeting on Monday, July 15, here are some of the highlights of what we did — for a full recap of all the recommendations carried by Council from the July 9 Planning and Development Committee (P&D), please click the link: Post-Meeting Minutes – Planning and Development Committee_Jul09_2019 / Post-Meeting Minutes – Regular Meeting of Council_Jul15_2019.

• Temporary bylaw to permit entertainment/recreational uses on downtown patios (PB-35-19) — Moved by me

Recommendation as amended was approved: To approve an amendment to Zoning By-Law 2020 to extend the Temporary Use to permit entertainment / recreational uses on outdoor patios in the Downtown, with a time frame not to exceed three years, as recommended by staff in Appendix B to department of city building report PB-35-19; and Direct the Director of City Building to report back with a recommendation on permitting entertainment/recreation uses on patios city wide.


I think this is great. It was always baffling to me that we allow music played inside to be amplified outside, but bands couldn’t play outside. The hours are great, they set some parameters and the fact that we haven’t gotten any complaints — I think the support is there. The correspondence from canvassing the businesses in the area has been positive and I think it enhances the business experience. I’m also totally supportive of spreading this citywide.


• Downtown Streetscape Guidelines (PB-50-19) — moved by me

The purpose of the staff report on the Downtown Streetscape Guidelines was to present Council with the new July 2019 Draft Guidelines (Appendix A), to guide the enhancement of the downtown street boulevards through future streetscape improvements. The guidelines provided an updated design framework and foundation for the transformation of the downtown streetscapes to improve accessibility, connectivity, safety, walkability, maintenance, and character.

Once approved, the new Downtown Streetscape Guidelines will allow staff to update the engineering/urban design detail standards for each of the streetscape design elements that will contribute to the enhancement and positive aesthetic attributes of the downtown’s public realm.

The Downtown Streetscape Guidelines provide general and specific design guidance for identified character areas within the downtown, as well as key strategies to assist with implementation of the recommendations contained in the document. Implementation will take place through future street-related capital improvements and asset renewal, as well as private development/redevelopment projects.

The updated Guidelines are based on input received from several public and stakeholder consultation sessions held since 2015. In May 2018, a draft of the Downtown Streetscape Guidelines was shared with the public and stakeholders for additional input and feedback.

The following recommendations were approved by Council:

  • Receive and file the draft Downtown Streetscape Guidelines, included as Appendix A to department of city building report PB-50-19; and
  • Table department of city building report PB-50-19 to the Planning and Development Committee meeting of September 10, 2019 for debate and approval in principle of the Downtown Streetscape Guidelines with implementation subject to future budget considerationsand
  • Direct the Director of Roads, Parks and Forestry to bring forward for council consideration during the 2020 operating budget, an additional $255,000 to acquire 2.83 full-time employees (FTE) dedicated to Roads, Parks and Forestry for downtown streetscape implementation; and
  • Direct the Director of Roads, Parks and Forestry to review and report back to Council on the feasibility (including anticipated capital and operation costs) of implementing a waste diversion program throughout the downtown Business Improvement Area that would explore the use of multi-stream waste receptacles; and
  • Direct the Director of City Building to report back with more recommended options for the Lakeshore Road streetscape, including the currently proposed design; and
  • Direct the Director of City Building to report back with life-cycle cost estimates for concrete/permeable unit pavers throughout the streetscape.
  • Full staff report and Appendix A are available here: PB-50-19 Downtown Streetscape Guidelines / PB-50-19 Appendix A-July 2019 Draft Guidelines


I did not support the furnishing options listed in the plan as I don’t think the silver/grey colour fits with our downtown. However, I did like the inclusion of trees and the way staff laid out the streets design — it’s clear a lot of thoughtfulness went into this plan. During committee, I noted that if there is an opportunity in our Official Plan exercise to implement design qualities, we should do that.

Moving forward with our city reports, we are going to start including the environmental piece — and we know the best way to deal with climate change is to plant a tree. In dealing with the social piece of this plan — when I think about a bench, I think of a place people gather to absorb their environment. If I heard anything during the last election campaign, it was that residents wanted to maintain the heritage feel of the downtown. The public does not want glass and steel in their downtown; they feel it’s generic. So, I think the public has been heard loud and clear in that process and we really need to respect that in our design elements. In addition, where the roadways fit into the streetscape designs needs to be included in this plan.


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