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Burlington Ward 6 Rural Broadband Internet Project Update: June 16, 2022

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The moment many have been waiting for has finally arrived! Shovels were expected to be going into the ground on June 15. We understand that this day could not have arrived a moment too soon, and we are looking forward to a seamless construction phase and wish IASL/Standard Broadband all the best as they complete the project. There are still a few outstanding items, but these will not influence the construction process.

Thank you to everyone who spent time with the group at the June 15 meeting. If you were unable to join, please see the items that were shared at that meeting as the final formal update from Mayor Marianne Meed Ward and Councillor Angelo Bentivegna for the Rural Ward 6 Internet Broadband project.

Update as June 14, 2022:


  • The IASL/ Standard Broadband website is now updated with the most recent construction schedule and project map. Please visit this link for more information. Residents are also welcome to email Scott at if they have any questions.
  • Construction was expected to start on June 15 in the Derry Road/Appleby Line/Bell School Line area and will progress from there. As these sections of roads are under Halton Region jurisdiction, the permits needed for this area were issued by the Region and are not affected by the outstanding items mentioned below.
  • IASL/Standard Broadband has an arborist lined up and will visit the construction area as needed. The arborist will be working with the City of Burlington Forestry Department team to ensure the conditions related to the permit are satisfied.

Outstanding Items

Permits being finalized (City of Burlington)

  • Payments related to City of Burlington Municipal Consent (MC) Permits have been made and the final documents will now be signed by IASL/Standard Broadband and returned to the City.
  • As soon as the City confirms receipt of all fees for the Municipal Access Agreement, tree securities and Road Occupancy Permit, the City will be able to sign off and issue the Municipal Consent Permit.
  • The Road Occupancy Permit is being processed and moving along very well.

Pipeline Crossings (Burlington Hydro Update)

  • Burlington Hydro has received all creek crossing drawings and a costing letter has been sent to IASL/Standard Broadband for payment for BHI to start the engineering review. The analysis of the drawings will take time, but this will not delay construction as the project starts further away from where these crossings are located. The drawings related to pipeline crossings will be submitted to Burlington Hydro and will follow through the same process as the creek crossing drawings.

Next Steps and Webpage:

Communications to residents and website updates will be transitioned over to IASL/Standard Broadband’s website: Please check back there regularly for updates or subscribe to the page to receive an alert when new information is posted.

Residents are also welcome to email Scott at, if they have any questions.

The city’s Rural Internet Installation webpage for the two rural broadband projects currently underway will remain active, but will no longer be updated as regularly moving forward.


Ward 6 Rural Broadband Meeting – June 15, 2022

Scott M. (from IASL/Standard Broadband) advised that their website will be updated weekly or bi-weekly and residents can subscribe to receive those updates. A few residents commented they have subscribed to the webpage and have not received any updates. Scott said he would follow up on this issue.

  • When will the construction start?
    • A few residents drove around Derry Road to check the area and did not find any signs of construction beginning. Scott advised the construction was expected to start on June 15, 2022. He will verify where they are and what work they are doing and email the residents, the Mayor, Councillor, City Manager and staff in the meeting.
  • What is the webpage address for the Standard Broadband/IASL updates?
  • Will any signage be placed in the area to indicate there is construction?
    • Scott will confirm location of construction and will email residents and participants in the meeting, including the Mayor, Councillor, City Manager and staff.
  • When will Standard Broadband contact residents to advise they are ready for hook up?
    • When Standard Broadband is a few weeks away from completion of construction, they will start scheduling connections (approximately 2–3 weeks after completion).
    • The Ward Councillor drove around the area on the afternoon of June 15, 2022 and saw some trucks that may have been conducting some surveying of the Derry Rd and Bell School Line area.
    • Resident expressed concern that Standard Broadband may not communicate with them. Residents are welcome to email Scott at if they have any questions and/or concerns.

Mayor Meed Ward and Councillor Bentivegna will remain involved in the final phase of the project and are always open to receive residents’ questions and feedback about this project at and, respectively.

This might be the last formal email update, but this is certainly not the end of our commitment to see this project all the way to a complete and successful end.


Marianne & Angelo

Mayor Marianne Meed Ward & Ward 6 Councillor Angelo Bentivegna


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2 thoughts on “Burlington Ward 6 Rural Broadband Internet Project Update: June 16, 2022”

  1. I live on Guelph line and find the talk of rapping up the project somewhat confusing. What is going on with the Bell Canada portion of the project which was to provide service to the Guelph line and Cedat Springs areas?

    1. Hi Joseph, this is John on the Mayor’s team. These updates were related to the broadband project in Ward 6 being done by IASL/Standard Broadband. This project is now in the installation phase. If you are looking for details regarding the other project you’ve mentioned, please email us at Our main email inbox not only helps us keep track and a record of all questions, comments, concerns and feedback, but it also helps Mayor Meed Ward and the Mayor’s Office determine how best we can assist. Thank you in advance.

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