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Burlington COVID-19 Task Force Meeting #4 — Action Items & Highlights

Burlington COVID Task Force

Burlington COVID-19 Task Force Meeting #4 – April 30, 2020

Agenda & Action Items


  1. Review & update to existing Action Items + new member (Andrea Grebenc, Halton District School Board, Trustees Chair)
  2. Presentation by Lynne Simons re: Halton Region community support activities
  3. Call for new action items and updates
    1. Anissa Hilborn re: JBH/Porch Clap Parade
    2. Tyler Moon re: United Way federal funding
    3. Anita Cassidy re: New campaign by TEAM Burlington to support businesses
  4. Ongoing meetings: same time, same place.

Ongoing Action Items Update:

Creation of a subcommittee to address the issue of food security and actively identifying those at risk/in need and matching up with support. Also need to create a pamphlet handout that can be shared with those in need who do not have access to digital tools for information. Look to make it a part of the Community Resource Management – Mental Wellness division of Emergency Operations. Report back to the Task Force regularly.

Update: Established. Met already. Food Bank, Wellington Square, Food for Life involved. Food supply is adequate – need to get those (especially those newly) in need to reach out. Flyer will be created for passing out with info on how to access food banks. Looking to get flyer info into the Post. Adding Compassion Society, Open Doors & more to come to table on this committee.

There is also a group who can afford food but cannot get to it (older adults with lag times in grocery delivery who are going without food) so looking for a way to get food to those groups by going to grocery stores and other options.

Note: consider Halton Food for Thought as an organization to support here.

Pam Damoff, MP: can add info to her daily emails to reach that audience.

Denise will also get an electronic version of the flyer distributed for those on the call to share when possible.

Osob, Halton Islamic Association updated that the Mosque is providing and delivering food throughout the community & can channel resources for food baskets they are giving out. Denise will reach out.

Denise mentioned they are also looking at need for PPE for volunteer staff and NFPs. The subcommittee is looking at this need. Halton Ham United Way is looking to do a bulk buy so people can coordinate through them.

Denise Beard, City of
Volunteer Bank – Many organizations are struggling to onboard and manage volunteers and they are also looking to hire because of grant money they are receiving. If you are a non-profit and need any volunteers, reach out to Denise Beard at the City of Burlington ( as she has a long list of people willing to volunteer.

Update from Denise: onboarding is a challenge right now. Looking to consolidate resources to onboard/train more collectively to be more efficient. Looking at how to do that going forward.

Any Non-Profits in Need
of VolunteersDenise Beard, City of
Promoting the Friday Night Porch Clap more effectively:

Consider city bus ads and outdoor signs around town.

Colleen M has a contact at outdoor sign company and she will see if they have any space to donate.

Update: Colleen has reached out to her contacts at Pattison Outdoor (billboards) and is still waiting to hear back but will let us know soon.

City exploring bus ads with a discounted rate – TBC by next meeting

Carla Marshall, City of Burlington (buses)

Colleen Mulholland, Burl. Foundation (outdoor signs)

Burlington Foundation: Phase 2 will begin on May 1st, doing intakes on an ongoing basis and reviewing vs. criteria and ensuring they spread things out where the money will make the most impact. They have received additional funding.

Colleen will partner with Sandy O. at the City of Burlington if she needs any help with grants.

Update: Work continues

Colleen Mulholland, Burlington Foundation

Completed Action Items:

One website for donations/volunteers/ppe similar to DonateTO to help direct people in one online place. Site will go live soon.

Any organizations or items that need to be added to the site please reach out to Denise Beard with details. Amber will get Denise the list of faith-based organizations for example.

Update: This has launched!

Denise Beard, City of Burlington

New Action Items:

Nothing brand new brought forward at this meeting.N/A

Other Notable Discussion Highlights:

  • Presentation from Lynne Simons from Halton Region on what they are doing on their end
    • Over 1000 food/essential supply package deliveries thus far
    • Hotel rooms secured for vulnerable people self-isolating & getting them supplies as well thanks to additional funding from other levels of government
    • Emergency child care centres
    • Also noted their efforts are nicely layering with what the Task Force is doing – not overlapping.
  • Update from Amber Rushton re: Division Leads Update of Community Response Configuration
    • Anthony Campese (in place of Andrew Maas) from the Situational Awareness Division gave a quick demo of community response hub information (resource map that shows people where things are that can provide support)
    • Victor Ljuljdjuraj (in place of Rob Axiak) from Field Level Operations Division gave an overview of their objectives (ex: logistical support, resource distribution, advise on flexibility of city facility use & availability)
    • Denise Beard from Community Resource Management/Mental Wellness Division – update was given earlier.
  • Anissa Hilborn, Joseph Brant Hospital – new initiative starting tomorrow at the hospital that during the parade 30-50 staff workers are going to line the parade route to say thank you back to the community for this show of support. Most will be wearing orange. Media advisory went out. JoBrant will be documenting and sharing on social media too.
  • Tyler Moon, United Way – fyi new funding from Federal Govt (Victoria shared with group for Tyler and will email info to Denise for review/incorporation into subcommittee activities)
  • Anita Cassidy, Burlington Economic Development – update regarding the campaign from TEAM Burlington encouraging people to stay home so Burlington can get back to business sooner. Also mentioned Ontario Jobs & Recovery Task Force and is working with local MPP on coordinating some local events here in Burlington. Note guidelines for reopening that were mentioned by Premier today.


PLEASE NOTE: To stay updated on what the City of Burlington is doing regarding COVID-19, please visit the dedicated pages (and subscribe) and, and our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page — that are updated as new information becomes available.

A Burlington COVID-19 Task Force has been created to help support our community through this unprecedented emergency — updates will be provided at

To report an incident of non-compliance with provincial emergency orders, please contact the Halton Regional Police Service COVID-19 Hotline: 905-825-4722.

We’ve also created a dedicated page to feature the local organizations and businesses that have inspired us during the COVID-19 pandemic by taking action to support our community in new and creative ways — head to


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