Ask the Councillor: December 2015

marianne meed ward ward 2 Burlington city councillorQ: When will dead or removed trees in the downtown core be replaced?

A: The trees downtown are unique in that they are typically planted within a 4’X 4’ tree pit.  The tree pit is an engineered concrete structure beneath the sidewalk or other hard surface to provide soil volume and growing area for the tree’s root system.  Removing and replacing trees within these pits is considerably more complex and costly than a typical residential boulevard planting.  A preliminary review of the downtown streetscape has revealed a significant number of locations requiring tree replacement.

There is no impact to the tax base as this project is proposed to be financed using funds acquired over the past number of years through financial compensation for public tree removals as a result of various developments.  The project will begin with a consultant assignment to assess, prioritize and recommend strategies for replacing downtown trees.   Tree replacements will then form the second phase of this project.

Q: What happened to the strip of land at the top end of Graham’s Lane, East side of the hydro corridor, that had been purchased and cleared out?

A: Nothing at the moment, although staff did investigate and found they have undertaken site alteration without a permit. The owner has been notified and advised to come into compliance with our site alteration bylaw.

Q: How can I find out more about Burlington’s Active Aging Plan?
A: City staff are in the process of setting up the Steering Committee that will create the plan. The Committee will include two citizens as well as representatives from a variety of stakeholder groups, including the Burlington Seniors Advisory Committee and Burlington Seniors Centre Incorporated board of directors. To find out more, view the staff powerpoint that was presented at the most recent BSAC meeting:

Written by Marianne Meed Ward

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