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Art from Spencer Smith Park willow tree on display at City Hall

Permanent home in City Hall room 247

A lovely piece of art commissioned by staff which combines wood plank from the Spencer Smith Park willow tree, glass and special designs has been placed in City Hall in the public meeting room 247.

We would like to thank Jennifer Johnson for turning this piece of art into a reality, as well as Arborwood Tree Service and Exotic Woods for both planing, milling and kiln drying all of the willow tree wood.

We cannot wait to see what other recipients will create! So far three works of art have been created from the wood, which came from the historic willows that had to be cut down last year due to rot. We will continue to post new projects as we receive photos. 10 wood boards were distributed in the community via a draw in September.

Feel free to drop by City Hall in room 247 to check out this wonderful piece of art!

This is the third creation so far from the wood from the Spencer Smith Park willows, which had to be cut down due to internal decay. There is also a coffee table in the lobby of City Hall, as well as several pieces created by Richard Gingras, one of the winners of the draw for food.

Learn more about how the willow trees and the efforts by the city for the wood to live on in creative projects from the community: Spencer Smith Park Willows


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  1. I think of art more as, “the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.” Isn’t this a fine example of woodworking and polishing of naturally produced media rather than art? Just asking.

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