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My 5 Priorities

Reasonable Growth, Not Overdevelopment

Reasonable growth, not overdevelopment by amending the downtown plan to limit more highrises; end overdevelopment across Burlington by sticking to zoning.

Get Traffic Moving, While Keeping it Safe

Better traffic flow and transit through improved traffic synchronization & intersections, transit routes, free seniors fares, and no road lane elimination.

Reduce Flood Risk, Enhance Greenspace

We must be prepared for flooding by dealing with root causes; not just effects by ending overdevelopment, keeping water at source with greenspace, and green infrastructure.

Reduce Tax Increases, Keep to Your Priorities

Reduce tax increases by cutting unnecessary administration; improving business attraction; investing in snowclearing, bylaw enforcement, road repair, family and seniors’ amenities.

Rebuild Trust, Create an Open Government

Rebuild trust between city hall and the public by including residents in shaping decisions, not just reacting to them; restoring civility on council and toward residents.

Read the complete plan here.  Progress Reports are coming soon.

My Accountability Report to You

Each month, I will publish 3 reports:

  • my monthly expenses;
  • what I’m up to;
  • in-kind contributions and gifts.

Coming soon!

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